I have heard it said that we need to reinvent ourselves several times in our lifetime…. well, I have created my very own sea change at Aldinga.

Coming from a professional background I grew tired of the rat race and have re-designed my lifestyle— immersing myself in life near the coast at Aldinga.

My long-time passion for creative enterprise, coupled with a desire for a simpler and balanced life, is what motivated me to establish my business : Sew Creative – Alterations & Mending.

I am proficient in a number of creative pursuits and have chosen to develop my sewing talent to offer an Alterations and Mending Service with a difference. In addition to all the usual things like hems and repairs, I can offer creative solutions to give garment a new life.

The need to recycle and reduce wastage is ever present and it seems natural to bring this environmentally friendly philosophy to my business. I also create homewares like aprons and tea towels from recycled and vintage fabrics. I sell these at local markets.

I am committed to providing great service to my customers and have developed a reputation for my attention to detail and creative problem solving ability.

I love to work and live in my local environment and being able to work from my home is just perfect. I like the sense of community that develops as I get to know people through the business. 

I enjoy the casual lifestyle that goes with living in a semi-rural area and with the stunning beach at Pt Willunga within walking distance I would not want to be anywhere else.

Happy browsing! 


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